A Message from MaryJo Johnson

Licensed Acupuncturist and Massage Therapist
Diplomate Traditional Oriental Medicine
Masters of Divinity

My clinical practice has three major aspects:

1. Therapy

      Acupuncture, massage, herbs and nutritional interventions relieve symptoms and help you heal more quickly. (In person appointments starting in April 2021.)

2. Individual Health Consultations (in-person or online)

     I will teach you to interpret the signs and symptoms you are experiencing so you can monitor your own health, and suggest specific changes in nutrition and lifestyle that will improve your health now.

3. Group support

     No matter our age or where we are in terms of ability or disease, there is always a way to feel better. The journey toward improving health is frequently the road less traveled, made easier by encouragement from friends along the way. 




Why Study and Practice With Me?

I will help you examine the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of your life and encourage you to make simple changes that will improve many aspects of your health, including:


Discover the foods and schedule that help you feel and function best.


Optimize your sleep so you can be active and fully present in life.


Develop your ability to respond in a balanced way to pathogenic influences.

Women's Health

Discomfort with menstruation, pregnancy, post-partum and menopause and can be reduced or eliminated by making simple targeted changes.

Weight Loss

Lasting weight loss is about so much more than calories and exercise.


Find ways to more effectively  unplug, let go, and manage life transitions.

Resources and Bibliography

For Tending Mind, Body and Spirit (work in progress--hover to read text, click button for more info)
"Everyone who practices contemplation finds that this loving work has a good influence on both body and soul. It helps them get themselves in hand...So seek this gift, and let grace help you."

— The Cloud of Unknowing

"Every physical thing is subject to and ruled by something spiritual, never the reverse...Your body imitates your soul and makes the work of the Spirit evident. That's how it always is."

Better Health Starts Here. Ask me anything!

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