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An Idea for Healthy Aging

Updated: May 6, 2021

When my dog Jack was young, there were a lot of things that upset him. Cars and street sweepers, people riding by on bicycles. People doing anything that he couldn't anticipate--children running and playing fell into this category, as well as people with physical disabilities. People who were afraid of dogs were also problematic for him. I had to do a lot of calming and restraining early on in Jack's life. He mellowed as he got older. He was good with children, came to church, went shopping with me, and rested quietly in my studio while I worked with clients. Strangers would frequently comment on what a calm and sweet dog he was. One time when I took him to pick tomatoes at a local farm, I found him giving this same look to a cat he just met.

What kind of person do I want to become as I get older? What characteristics do I want to develop? What skills? I like the quote from Van Gogh. Aiming to love many things seems like a good idea. What or whom can I find and love today?

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