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Pure Joy

Updated: May 6, 2021

Sometimes I look at flowers and imagine they are the faces of the plant, turned up toward the sun and toward me. If so, what would forsythia be saying? Maybe wow? or Woohoo, it's Spring!!! or Come here little bug! We love you!!! Many, many times over!

There's a lot going on with us and our bodies that escapes our notice. What does it feel like to be surrounded by forsythia on a sunny day? I recall that feeling, and it's subtle, but it does feel like joy. I'm conditioned to think that the vibe that forsythia blooms are putting out and that I receive as a feeling is not that important, not worth my time. It's just a passing, subtle, fleeting feeling that I don't seek out intentionally or prioritize or focus on. I imagine I could say to myself: "Forsythia is out! Spring is here. I need to go where I can surround myself with forsythia blossoms so I can feel joy for about half and hour." Is it too much trouble to do that? How important is joy?

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