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Simple Changes for a Comfortable Weight

Maybe you put on a few pounds during the pandemic, or after menopause your usual habits are causing weight gain, or you are considering weight loss as a way to improve a chronic disease or reduce pain. Whatever reason has you thinking about a change, affirming and respecting yourself from the very start is of utmost importance. We are all doing our very best here, given our circumstances and current level of understanding. Change as a kindness to yourself is optimized by embodying kindness and care throughout the process. Do not listen to the judgmental and angry inner voice. Ever.


Tell yourself you are beautiful You will come to know the truth! Change is easier when you're feeling

every day. confident and good about yourself.

Sleep longer. At least 8 hours You will have more time to reduce fat, a body process that happens

per night. during sleep.

Reduce caffeine, alcohol, and Maintaining healthy cortisol and insulin levels reduces fat storage and

sugar intake. improves sleep. Menopausal changes increase sensitivity to simple

sugar, alcohol, and carbohydrate consumption AND overstimulation

from caffeine and stress, causing weight gain.

Stop eating snacks. Improves sleep, increases your metabolic rate (vs. multiple low calorie

Stop eating after dinner. meals and snacks, which decreases your metabolic rate). Dinner is a

Then try skipping dinner. better meal to skip than breakfast because your body clock provides

more energy for good digestion in the morning and early afternoon.

When you fast 18 hours or more, your liver converts fat into cell food.

This is particularly helpful for cells that are insulin-resistant.

Exercise in the morning. Increases your metabolic rate for the rest of the day. Helps you

Start easy at first. If it's easy, you breathe easier, improves circulation, promotes better toned and

are much more likely to do it more relaxed muscles. Improves sleep.

again, which is very important!

5 minutes or less is ok--whatever

you can do. Work up to at least

20 minutes with moderately

increased heart and respiratory

rate. Pay close attention to how

you feel. The goal is to feel

better after exercise.

Excess weight is very measurable and visible, and sometimes it is a symptom of poor digestion or another health issue, but it is not in and of itself a health issue. Thinner does not mean more healthy. It could just mean more stressed. All of the above suggestions are primarily about what is needed to gain and maintain good health at any weight and any age.

Acupuncture treatment can help to improve sleep, balance hormones and stabilize blood sugar, improve digestion, reduce stress and cravings and relieve pain, making it easier to exercise. All of this can make it easier to achieve and maintain a more comfortable weight.

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