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Simple Changes for Better Sleep

In addition to making you feel better and function better during the day, prioritizing quality sleep benefits your long term health. Good sleep is associated with faster recovery times from workout and injury, maintaining a healthy weight, and reduced risk of chronic disease.


Turn off screens. Reduced blue light exposure helps your brain and body settle down.

Use a blue light filter or glasses. Try this if it's hard to get to sleep or go back to sleep.

Wear an eye mask. Increases melatonin so you fall asleep, have deeper sleep, stay asleep.

Sleep in the dark. Try this if you wake up and can't get back to sleep.

Stop eating after dinner. Deeper, more peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. If you wake between 1

and 3 am, try this!

Apply vapor rub over sinuses, Easier breathing and deeper, uninterrupted sleep. Triggers relaxation

tight muscles, soles of feet. response with repeated use. If you wake between 3 and 5 am (Lung

time according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory), try this!

Reduce or eliminate sugar and Calm more easily and relax more deeply for longer and more restful

caffeine. sleep. If you wake up because you're hot, try this!

Pick one or more to try.

Next week, I'll post another Simple Changes list.

Acupuncture treatment improves sleep by:

Relaxing tense muscles

Balancing hormones

Reducing congestion and inflammation

Activating parasympathetic nervous system for restorative sleep

Frequently people who need more sleep fall asleep during treatment.

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