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How to Reduce Stress

Updated: May 6, 2021

It's so wonderful to hear the birds singing their spring songs, to see the ducks and Canada geese flying. Robins are beginning to find things to eat in our recently unfrozen lawn. As a very inexperienced gardener I have been looking a little anxiously at the patches where I planted daffodils and tulips last fall. Did I do it right? Will they come up? Whew! The first few are up. The March winds have certainly been a thing this year, as temperatures go up and down on either side of weather fronts as they speed through. We have had a very easy time of it, compared to people in the south and midwest who are experiencing an unusual number of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes. According to the calendar, Spring is here.

One of the most important orientations to consider in relation to chronic stress is the way we look into an unknown future. Do we have an attitude of trust and relative ease, or one of mistrust and relative doubt and anxiety? I try to be the easygoing type just by noticing and stopping myself from attempting to control or know what can't be controlled or known. If I really don't know what will happen after I have prepared to the extent that I can, then there is no good reason to put forth the effort and experience the stress of worrying. It takes practice. Sometimes something as small as a daffodil bulb can trip me up! And why not? I'm waiting for a miracle, after all. A miracle is when something beautiful happens in a situation over which I have no control. The more I control, the fewer miracles. Another reason why it's good to let go and appreciate the unexpected.

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